Dog Walking Services

Questions you may have about Pettwist Guruji walking

Dog walking services are the perfect solution for when you love your pet but can’t be with them all day long. When you consider your dog to be part of your family, having to leave them to go to work, to go on a day trip, or for any other number of reasons, can be extremely worrying. Whether you need regular or occasional help as a pet parent, our professional dog walkers can provide an invaluable, personalized service to suit your pup’s needs.

Our Walkers Finding a friendly and caring dog-lover to walk and entertain your dog is our number one priority, and we know that it’s not all smooth-sailing. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the top-most dog walkers and companions for your furry friends!

A simple Google search of, ‘dog walker near me’ can throw up many search results. Choosing a reputable professional, who is the ideal pet partner for your pooch, can be time-consuming or seem overwhelming. It’s important to get it right for your peace of mind, though. You also need to consider feeling comfortable about home security, as a dog walker will need to enter your home in your absence.

At Pettwist Guruji, we understand that you will have many questions about our dog walking service. Therefore, we have added a selection of the most frequently asked below

Can you provide references or reviews?

A good first step to finding a dog walker is to ask other pet owners for their first-hand experiences and insights. At Pettwist Guruji, we are proud to be a business that has grown by referral and continues to do so.

so that our customers can have the reassurance of reading thousands of independently verified personal reviews from customers.

What experience does your dog walker have?

A good dog walker should be happy to discuss the training they have received, have procedures in place for emergencies, and a good relationship with local veterinary surgeries. Expert support center team, offering our local dog walking business owners award-winning support and training. We have over 10 years of experience of caring for dogs.

On Demand Walk

Need to find a Dog Walker urgently ? Book an ASAP Walk, and one of our trusted walkers will be at your door within an hour. No Need to pre-book a walk anymore.